Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Why Malay Rights?

Malaysia - Malaya - Tanah Melayu was build through Tamadun Melayu. The sultans, diraja Melayu and pendekar melayu.

New friends traveled from abroad and some stayed over permanently - accepted to the land of Tanah Melayu - not till long they became part of Tanah Melayu

Tanah Melayu was shared amongst the Non Bumis but big portion was still Melayu's Tanah.

The 'Hak Melayu' we are fighting for now is to preserve the Tamadun Melayu - which the Malays originally build - later developed together with the non-bumis - Malaysia was born.

This whole issue or 'fight' however is a big wake up call to the Malays. For them to appreciate what they have... and to realise how they have misused and taken advantage of the privileges provided by the ancestors... and perhaps consider giving a landing hand/ or be considerate to those who have to work thrice harder just to survive.

Wake up Malays - look at what you have - appreaciate it - keep up the fight.

~Malaysia is 'zone free' from natural disasters...non malays are accepted to Parliament and not considered minorities unlike many countries including the 1st world...multi racial, rich in culture...great food...blessed soil...~

To the people at the top, why stir us (the nation) up now?

Why create a fiery issue that only segregate us more?

And Why have pseudo-intention that this is to 'unite' us?

Tanya Pak Lah, Pak Lah tak peduli ...


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