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do You wanna HELP?

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Today I came across an article while I was doing my hair at a hairdresser in One Utama. The article was about kids in Chow Kit. The article speaks about their lifestyle - drugs, sex, child prostitution, theft, gangsterism etc. Desperate to survive, their willingness to do just about anything would not stop at any extend. Most of them are homeless and comes from a broken background. Even worst, some of them are barely teenagers. They are either scattered around or supported by some 'PiMP' who uses these kids to their fullest advantage and yet not promising any better future. Towards the last bit of the article, it mentioned about a Pastor who was very kind to take these kids into a shelter for homeless kids. The address and phone no. of these shelters was also written, in case people want to help or found kids that need such help.
My father owns a Shell Station in the heart of Chow Kit. Kakak (sister) is currently working for abah (dad), mostly doing work at Shell, Chow Kit. Mama has never really liked the idea of any of us girls working there. Simply because it’s Chow Kit. After all it is the 'Bronx' of Kuala Lumpur, very notorious.
I am writing this because the article somehow really touched me. I grew up comfortably. No matter how much nonsense and troubles happening in my house there are always more than enough food on the plate, more-than-you-can-ask-for shelter and support under the wings of my parents. Alhamdullilah i have never had a super hard time when it comes to living - financial and material wise. Hence, it does not make me an ignorant and heartless person. Like I said, this article really touched my soft spot.

As appreciation on all the blessings I get in this world, I want to HELP. I am glad that there are some people out there taking action on what was happening. What upsets me though is, if you look at the pictures (of the Chow Kit kids) in the article, they are all Malay kids. But who takes them in and offer help? A kind Pastor.
Where are all the Muslims out there? Not against other religion at all, but I’m a Muslim, these kids are Muslims, and Malaysia is pretty much a Muslim country.

I figured ... why point fingers to others? I have a project in mind. Thinking about this, the more I want to make loads of money and be a star. Besides wanting to make enough money in future to pay my parents back for all the money they wasted on me, I want to open up a shelter home for kids. Hopefully if I make it out there, I could use my influence and connections to get more people to help. A place where their everyday education and lifestyle are based on the beautiful teaching of Islam and it's holy Quran. Nothing extreme or cult-like-preaching. Just like how we all modern Malay kids grew up in a Muslim family. You know, teach them what we learn, the morality of good Muslim, principles, prayers so they know no matter what, they have Allah SWT to turn too. I see that nowadays I can hardly find people with ideal Muslim qualities with an open and non judgemental mind. I do however see many 'extreme-super religious-judge mental’ and sometimes hypocrite Malays. So let’s hope this Kid's Home Shelter - whatever u call it- hopefully it will produce good community to the country.

Yes, who am I to say all this?
I'm not a perfect example of a modern Muslim woman, but I grew up as a Muslim, in a Muslim family, have strong faith in Allah SWT and Islam and have also survived my sorrows by turning to Him and the teachings of Islam. Although many have misinterpret and misjudge Islam, if only they could discover the beauty of Islam, it's values, the meanings behind each rules and teaching in depth, they'll understand what I’m saying. Not just picturing Islam as cold, strict rules and regime, heartless, no freedom, kill or die religion. It must be distinguished between Al Kaeda/Taliban/Saddam Hussein (and other cruel and heartless extremist who claims themselves Muslims), people from certain Middle East countries with THEIR lifestyle, tradition, belief, with Islam & Quran. Although these two (Arab and Islam) are highly connected in the public eye, we Malaysians are Muslims, we follow guidance from the Quran just like them but we don't even practise half of what they do (as in lifestyle).Why? Because we are Muslims with Malaysian lifestyle. We don't have any need to kill and rule in an abusive way. As for the extremists, that’s their lifestyle and how their country are ruled, and they happen to be Muslims just like us in Malaysia.
In fact till now, I never stop learning and getting information about Islam. Its only by learning what you are practising will you understand Islam better - And this is a reminder to myself as well.
Let me clear it again. I make sins. I'm no perfect Muslim, especially from my outer look. I myself try hard to keep up with everything but one thing I can declare, I'm an average practising Muslim who have strong faith in Allah SWT and Islam.
Back to my plan.

So I was thinking of building something sort of like a Boarding house homeless shelter for kids. It mustn’t necessarily be for Muslims kids only. Just any homeless kids. A place where beds and food are provided with proper timetable to fit everyday activities. Kids are sent to school. At night they will have 'prep' or study session. Maybe a bit of TV or movie early in the evening. Outdoor sports and playing sessions during late afternoon. Train them to pray five times a day as group/family. Also teach them living skills such as cooking, washing and cleaning. Let the house be theirs. Hopefully with enough support (especially financial) we could even bring in tutors few times a week to help them with studies and a counsellor to speak to them at least every month or fortnightly. They surely do need counselling. An ustaz or ustazah to come and teach them Islamic Studies and reading of Quran . I imagine someone like Ustazah Upiq who used to teach me Tassawur Islam SPM. She would be perfect because she is modern, understanding and smart. Teenagers need more preachers like her. I believe Islam wants us to move forwards not backwards.
NGOs can organise educational events and activities for school holidays. The older teenagers can get holiday job for working experience and earn extra money for themselves.
It would be ggRrrreaaTT if association like UMNO could contribute; after all we are helping anak-anak melayu. Rather than berpecah kepala , gaduh sesama Melayu for power and fakeness, this would be a good and genuine way to serve the community (which is the main intention of this project).

Which would you rather want? These kids grow up as Hero Rem-PiT Jalanan or Hero Negara??

I believe if I could get a good dedicated team together, we could organise this and get it done. My concern is who? Adakah itu Anda?? I need a strong team to organise everything, from finding a place to build the house, research and preparation on budget for constructions, wages and maintenance, to selecting guardians who will be taking care of the kids. The team can consists of accountants, ex guru besar sekolah, kontraktor2 melayu, tukang kebun, tukang masak,engineers, cikgu sekolah, politicians, volunteers or just anybody honest for the job.It will be endless research on EVeRyThinG and visits to other homeless shelters as well as lots of begging from big rich companies who hopes to cut down their taxes.

You might wonder why don't I just raise money and give it to existing homeless shelter and have it easy?

One - because there isn’t enough homeless shelters (space) for these kids anyways.

Two - I want to be fully involved, help with my own bare hand, see exactly where the money goes, and watch these kids live and excel.

Three - C'mon Lah people, maju ke hadapan, make a difference. We don’t want to be ignorant do we?

Oleh itu (therefore), let us all gather around, join our hands, be united, stand together and make a difference. Build the future of Malaysia. DonT LaugH! I'm serious! In long term if everything excels, we could even build a home in every state. But let’s start with the Kuala Lumpur - Chow Kit kids first. One step at a time.
Of course this would not happen in the blink of an eye. It'll probably even take years. But one thing I can assure you about me, once I put my mind and heart into something I will fulfil it. It wont be a rush project but I hope it could be well planned and done. Quality.

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islam is the holy, just, and pure religion from Allah. many people misjudge it, but the truth will come. Insya Allah