Friday, 13 June 2008

Equipt yourself first!

This is an email from my dad, responding to my article below. Bless him!

Dear Lost Pearl,

I am very touched after reading your mission to help the unfortunate kids of Chow Kit. I have been doing business in Chow Kit for 20 years and I can claim to the fact that I grow old in Chow Kit.Some of the kids you are talking about is now in their 20s, some make it but the majority, God knows what happen to them. It is not a new problem and neither the problem will go away. This is simply because a lot of people benefited from the drug problem, namely the drug supplier, the drug lords,and even the authorities that is suppose to suppress the problem.What I am saying is that a lot of money is to be made from drugs.This phenomena happened every where in the world as long as there are greedy and crooked people.

As much as I want you to concentrate on your studies and enjoy your university days as I believe it will form the most memorable part of your life, I am also very glad that my kid realise that life is not all rosy - if you bother to look around you. There are a lot of people need some form of help and Chow Kit happened to be one of the worst area for people with drugs related problem.To respond to your noble project let me stress out some pointers to guide you along the path of endless anxiety.

Before you embark on this idea please be very aware that no one person can solve the world's misery and the world is the same as when God introduce human being on planet earth. This is simply because God installed the verb NAFSU (temptations) into human beings, and Nafsu has always been applied wrongly which leads to world's misery which also include the anak Chow Kit yang terbiar in Kuala Lumpur. This only constitute a very tiny portion of the misery I am talking about. Once you have accepted the fact that you are just trying to do your part as a person to contribute in what ever way selagi darah mengalir, then only you can proceed with your noble project.

Again in order to be successful in your project please be ready to equip yourself first because it is not going to be plain sailing even if you may think that you are doing something good to the people or the nation. The following are the things that you should equip yourself first:

1.educate yourself and be an intellectual (which you are pursuing now, ok good), must be rich or at least you are financially independent.Why? because this is NGO and you are bound to handle contribution or public money and people will always find excuses to accuse you of misappropriate public fund especially when they know that you are also in dire need of money to live.If you are a multimillionaires you need not listen to them and one important thing is that you are not tempted to misuse the fund for yourself. Money is not everything but everything needs money! are not rich yet!

3.Stability in your family, preferably married and have children of your own and they are not giving you are not there yet must be able to master STRESS MANAGEMENT. In this kind of work stress will come from the kids, staff, family and friends,pak sebok,bibik-bibik, and all it takes is for you to make a little blunder and they will go after you.They will not consider all the good work you have done before.(I will enroll you into hbo (Dad's initials) school of stress management later).......I noticed that you are improving on your stress control lately,tahniah!

5.make a name of yourself be it as a dancer, actress,producer, or in business so that people will recognize you and make your job much easier................i believe you will achieve this without much problem. sincere, honest and don't give a damn what people say...........i believe you are

Above are a few pointers to stimulate your be continued...



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fadz said...

what ur dad wrote: all true; become someone 1st, then from there, u could create "Aku Yang Jelita" Foundation for Chow Kit kids.. ill help u along of coz!