Friday, 13 June 2008

In leaving a beautiful countryside to pursue dreams in the Big Oyster

I wrote this poem as a way to say goodbye to my friends. In my first year in England I was studying in an Art College, somewhere in West Midlands, near the border of Wales. Beautiful place, beautiful people, great experience, found my true love. However to pursue my dreams I had to move to London for University. I read this poem to my friends while we were all sitting on the grass having lunch, on summer afternoon.

Another new place,

Another heart ache,

I wish I could stay,

But I must go and put on a brave face

This is my journey,

Each one of you is part of my story,

Parting away gets harder and harder each time,

But you know reaching for your dreams has never been easy

This place is a history,

Where I learned many new things,

Not just acting and singing,

But also new vocabularies,

That is – ‘minging’ ‘twat’ ‘lush’ and ‘ghastly’

Please keep our memories,

On how perky, ditsy and crazy I can be,

It’s so heavy for me to leave,

A bunch of friends I call family.

Although it was temporary,

You guys kept me away from feeling homesick and lonely,

Especially in a beautiful city like this,

So dead, gloomy, sleepy and always raining

In this foreign land,

I’ve had loads of fun,

Thank you talented teachers and brilliant friends,

This ford surely stays in mind

One day, hopefully, when you see me on TV,

As a Tweenies, HI 5 or look alike in Disney,

(Or just somewhere teaching)

Don’t worry my head won’t get bigger than this,

I promise to stay humble and sweet, and forever keep my cheesy choreography

So beloved friends,

Believe in yourself,

No matter what,

Think in your head,

You can make it happen,

You can do this and that

I know we’re struggling,

Both you and me,

But if you trust yourself and open up your heart,

You know you can achieve just about anything.

This might not be my best work of Art,

But it certainly does come from the heart,

This might be, for me, a sad farewell,

But to our friendship is not goodbye.

~Missing being in the Ford~

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